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“Work hard, say yes, and always be nice.” That is the mantra I live by. I should probably also include “take chances”, but we all know how important that is!


Following graduation from the University of Georgia in 2012, with an undergraduate degree in Broadcast News, I made the cross-country trek to Los Angeles to pursue my passion for entertainment news. Here, I used my experience as a multimedia journalist to land a Production Assistant position at Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. In just three years with the show, I was promoted first from PA to the Assistant Photo Editor for both shows, coordinating with photo and paparazzi agencies clearing all of our photo and video needs, then to Associate Producer working with the News Desk. I now have been lucky enough to win two Daytime Emmy Awards as a segment producer for Entertainment Tonight. 


In this role, I work in the field conducting interviews on red carpets, during press junkets, and on set visits and producing our on-air talent. I will never forget my first red carpet interview...with none other than Ron Howard. People still ask me if I get nervous when doing interviews and the answer is yes. I think the little bit of nerves always reminds me that I care about my job and take my assignments seriously. The best part about my journey with the show is that I've had the opportunity to have my hand in almost every part of the production process and each bit of knowledge I've learned has made me better at the next job.


Looking back, I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to pursuing journalism as a career. From a young age, I loved to write and lived for celebrity news; in fact, my favorite show was Entertainment Tonight! Even still, I never fully accepted that my passion could be my occupation until I reached college. After my first day in the journalism program, I knew there was no other life for me. The defining moment that veered my pursuits towards entertainment was my experience at the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival and the subsequent awards season, where I saw my love for film and journalism combine with my first forays into film criticism and awards predictions.


Aside from movies, TV and all things celebrity, I love sports – particularly football (Go Dawgs!) – craft beer, and my sweet dog Layla, only one of which makes my devotion to spinning and yoga a little more necessary!




Red Carpets






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Los Angeles, CA

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