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Confessions of a Maternity Reporter

My coworkers call me the "Maternity Reporter". I'm the hall monitor/nurse waiting anxiously on the birth of literally every celebrity baby. And I love breaking baby news.

1) I get Twitter notifications any time an expecting celeb posts a tweet/Instagram. And I mean any time they tweet (or retweet)...

2) Hi Publicist..."Additional details" means I need name confirmation, height/weight/birthdate & a quote, please and thank you!!

3) Updating & refreshing of our calendar of impending arrivals once a week, but really more like every other day

4) I can predict when celebs have gone into labor! Okay, not 100% accurate just yet, but I've started to get weird feelings when normally chatty celebs go social media silent...that means they've had their baby. AKA Chrissy Teigen.

5) No baby name throws me anymore. But it seems like it's back in style to give kids old-fashioned names. Fewer Apples & Pilot Inspektors and more Jolie/Owen/Olivia/Florence/Freddie...well except for Spurgeon.

And now I can say that because of people like me, I plan to keep all 9 months of my pregnancy secret. Just kidding!

Covering baby news is the sweetest part of the job - one of the few pure parts. I love sharing in the excitement!

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