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ETonline: Black Girl Magic and Grapefruits Make 'Girls Trip' a Must-See Film of the Summer

The summer 2017 box office calendar promised us laughter. It also promised that we’d see girls behaving just as badly as the boys. Girls Trip and Rough Night were promoted as the raunchy femme answer to The Hangover and the direct descendant of the ultimate R-rated female comedy Bridesmaids.

However, what we got from summer 2017 was a series of comedic flops -- with Will Ferrell seeing his lowest box office returns with The House, reboots like Baywatch and CHiPs failing to land with audiences, and Rough Night ultimately earning less money to date than last year’s big hit, Bad Moms, did in its opening weekend.

“You know, comedies haven’t worked this summer. They’ve been having a hard time. Audiences have not been coming out in droves for comedies,” Girls Trip producer Will Packer admitted to ET’s Kevin Frazier at the film’s world premiere. “We’re trying to do the impossible -- we’re trying to go and open a comedy in the summer, when comedies haven’t worked. I’m a little nervous.”

So why is Girls Trip set to save the summer for comedies? Chalk it up to nostalgia, grapefruits and Tiffany Haddish. To find out why Girls Trip is a must-see (if you haven't seen it already), head to!

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