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ETonline EXCLUSIVE: How Eugenio Derbez Is Becoming a Hollywood Power Player

Eugenio Derbez’s rise to stardom began over 30 years ago in his home country of Mexico.

Since then, the actor-producer-director has become one of the world’s biggest Hispanic stars, setting a box office record in the U.S. for the highest-grossing Spanish-language film with 2013’s Instructions Not Included and even earning his own star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. But many who pass by the marker don’t recognize the name. “It’s like living two lives at the same time, because all the Hispanics here in this country, they know me pretty well, but not the Americans,” Derbez confesses to ET. “Sometimes [I’ll] go to a meeting and I’m nothing, nobody for the executives. Then I go back and, picking up my car with the valet, the valet parkers are excited to meet me. So my agents told me, ‘You should do your meeting instead of in an office, in a restaurant, because all the kitchen [staff] comes out and they want pictures.’”

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