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ETonline EXCLUSIVE: The Greatest Coincidences That Connect 'Lowriders' Star Theo Rossi's

“My whole career, in a way, has been very guided by almost like these weird coincidences,” Theo Rossi says, explaining to ET how so many experiences in his career have intertwined on his path to success.

Many fans know the 41-year-old self-described “character actor” from his breakout role as Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz on the hit motorcycle drama Sons of Anarchy. “I had to do three extra roles to get a SAG card,” Rossi says about his early career. “If there was ever a book written about going through the process, I’ve gone through the whole process, from having, like, one line on Malcolm in the Middle to doing a couple episodes of some small show …and then, obviously, my life changing with Sons of Anarchy.”

In truth, Rossi’s experience with SOA didn’t just change his life because it made him famous, but because it’s one of a chain of personal and professional events linked in sometimes funny, often fascinating, and unexpectedly touching ways. One such example is in his current project, the Los Angeles car culture drama Lowriders (in theaters on May 12). There, a few of Rossi’s worlds collided when he found out the film was written by Cheo Hodari Coker, the creator and showrunner of Netflix's Luke Cage, on which Rossi now stars as the villain Shades, and Elgin James, the co-creator of the upcoming Sons of Anarchy spinoff Mayans MC.

For more of this interview go to ETonline

Rossi also dished about Luke Cage Season 2 and going toe-to-toe with Alfre Woodard. Yes, Rossi loves #ShadyMariah just as much as you do!

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