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Rubbing Elbows Backstage at the 2016 SAG Awards

Guys! I won another SAG Award!! Two years in a row - I can't believe it!

Okay, not really.

But after the red carpet, I did have the best seat in the house as all of the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Award winners came backstage to sign for their awards!

Little known fact, each award is individually numbered and must be signed for by the recipient in order for them to take it home that evening. When the winner of each category is announced, it is a mad dash to get all of the awards and releases matched up and laid out so the winners can find their trophy easily.

Here are some of the best bits I witnessed backstage (not including the fact that no one seemed to know what the date was):

- Jeffrey Tambor barely had time to pick up his trophy before the onslaught of the incredibly excited cast of Orange is the New Black followed behind him. Lots of commotion, but less tears than last year!

- Alicia Vikander was asked for 3 adjectives to describe how she was feeling about winning her SAG Award and ended up going into a full speech about how she used to watch this show on YouTube back in Sweden. She's so lovely!

- All the ladies were conscious of the cameras in the room and their low-cut dresses. On more than one occasion photogs were asked to be mindful that no one get any inappropriate shots while the ladies bent over to sign their names.

- Idris Elba took a while to come back to accept his TWO awards, because as you saw on the telecast, he was such a big part of the show. But when he arrived, he was in full celebration mode, lifting up both of his statues, doing a few curls for the camera and taking photos with his team.

- Brie Larson came backstage just before they announced the award for Ensemble in a Motion Picture and was really excited when she thought Straight Outta Compton (starring her Kong Skull Island co-star Jason Mitchell) won - they were simply nominated but she was really into that category. After signing for her trophy, Leonardo Dicaprio walked in and they hugged as they accepted their awards.

- Lots of hugs & kisses for the Spotlight cast; they all seemed genuinely surprised to win the final award of the night. Rachel McAdams grinned from ear to ear while admiring her first statuette! The big takeaway there, maybe Best Picture isn't in the bag for ANYONE this year - here's looking at you The Big Short and The Revenant.

- Another cast who was stunned was the ensemble from Downton Abbey! The shock still hadn't worn off when I ran into a few of the ladies in the restrooms half an hour later...I'm not going to say who else I ran into down there becuase then it just gets gross and weird.

Final note: those Actors are HEAVY! And the Lifetime Achievement Award is seriously like 10 lbs. You can do curls with the Actors, but have to pick up the Lifetime trophy with two hands.

Best Dressed (in no particular order)

Brie Larson

Laverne Cox

Viola Davis

Alicia Vikander

Eva Longoria

Rachel McAdams

Emilia Clarke

Kate Winslet

Helen Mirren


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