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ETonline: Caitlyn Jenner Campaigns for ‘Tangerine’ and Transgender Actress Mya Taylor

Caitlyn Jenner showed her support for the film, Tangerine, and one of its stars, Mya Taylor, by lending her voice to the first-ever Oscar campaign for a transgender actress. On Monday, the I Am Cait star hosted a special screening of the film in Los Angeles.

As the credits rolled on the film, Jenner stood off to the side of the theater reading notes from her phone. She looked serious and perhaps a little nervous.

“There’s a lot of momentum in the trans community, but we have to keep that momentum going. We have to bring this in front of the public,” Jenner declared. “Movies like this are so important because this is about honesty, this is about actually what happens out there in the community.”

See the full article ETonline:


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