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ETonline Facebook Live: DWTS Week 4 Recap

On our Week 4 DWTS Facebook Live, we are talking LOVE (aka Emma Slater & Sasha Farber's engagement) and who we think REALLY should have gone home during that double elimination...

Let's have a couple honesty moments:

1) I ABSOLUTELY freaked out during Emma and Sasha's engagement!

During the show, the press is watching in a make-shift room backstage on two flat screens and folding chairs. My colleagues and I were talking during the show - as usual - and I noticed how nice it was that Emma & Sasha were dancing together. And then I just got a feeling. And then Tom Bergeron came out to talk to them...and I lost my mind. I started beating on a chair and clutching my pearls, because I just knew! Clearly a proposal was happening. And let's be honest, it would've been embarrassing as hell if I had been wrong after making a scene like that. So thank goodness for Sasha for proposing as I continued to fall out like I was being overcome by the Holy Spirit!

For the record, I have now been at Dancing with the Stars for 2 engagements (Emma & Sasha and Noah) and one pregnancy announcement (Allison Holker & Stephen 'Twitch' Boss). Plus, I would try to get Kym Johnson & Robert Herzjavec to kiss for our cameras every week, so I'm counting that too - sorry not sorry!

2) Even though I freaked out during Emma & Sasha's engagement, I had no idea that our at home Exclusive with them was a HUGE clue that they were about to get engaged. I knew that we had asked them about what the next step was since the DWTS dancers are all getting married and having babies right now. However, when you're doing an interview, you sometimes hear only half (-ish) of what someone says to you...which means I never heard Sasha say that an engagement could be coming next week. By the way, I tell this story because Emma & Sasha's engagement came EXACTLY ONE WEEK after we shot our at-home exclusive with them. Just saying <3

Thank you for not noticing my wonky eyelashes...

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