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ETonline Facebook Live: DWTS Week 8 Recap

On Week 8 of Season 23 of Dancing with the Stars, we said goodbye to Ryan Lochte and hello to emotional Valentin Chmerkovskiy

But our FB live was about #JusticeforSharna - complete with swag - (and Justice for Jana, and Calvin, and Terra!)

And where did the swag come from, you may ask? James Hinchcliffe took ET's Nischelle Turner for a spin through Hollywood in a real Indy Car two-seater. I didn't get in, but it was awesome...and I regret it.

Speaking of Justice for Sharna, James and Jenna got a perfect score!! When I caught up with Sharna backastage, she noted that her knee was getting better & she felt well enough to wear heels. She was VERY optimistic she'd be back for this Monday's episodes, though her doctors weren't so sure. More than anything, though, she was extremely proud of James and the performance he exhibited - he's the real deal!

The night was also a return to form for Laurie - who also got a perfect score! And the first perfect score for Calvin! Overall, Laurie, Calvin & James are the top tier on the let's just see if they're able to make it to the finals. There haven't been any elimination srprises yet, but that doesn't mean they're not to come.

(Oh and BTW, the press line was on Halloween, so I dressed the part)

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