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ETonline EXCLUSIVE: 'Little Women: LA' Star Terra Jolé Opens Up About Cancer Scare: 'It&

Terra Jolé is opening up about her cancer fears.

The reality star, former Dancing with the Stars contestant and mother of two is used to living her life in the public eye, allowing cameras to follow her every move. But what’s more difficult is sharing her personal health struggles with the world. Jolé recently revealed that she is undergoing testing for breast cancer and expressed how the uncertainty is affecting her and her family. The star got emotional sitting down with ET's Cameron Mathison and Lauren Zima, shedding light on her cancer fears during a Facebook Live conversation on Tuesday.

"It's definitely a hard thing to express to the world. And it's a hard thing to express to your family and [to] try and, you know, get better," Jolé shared with ET.

The reality star went on to say that she has gotten a second opinion regarding her cancer concerns and is waiting to learn her diagnosis. "Unfortunately, we are still waiting on additional results," Jolé continued. "But we're going from there. It's not, as planned, but I'm hoping and thinking positive."

"Everybody was asking last night, as well. [DWTS host] Tom [Bergeron] brought me aside and was like 'Please tell me how you're doing.'" Jolé continued, "I'm very flattered that everybody cares so much about me and worries for my health and, as well, it's been a trying kind of situation for me [and especially for] my family. My husband's been so strong."

Jolé's emotional interview continues on

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