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ETonline EXCLUSIVE: Alison Brie Talks 'GLOW's Empowering Message & Warning Her Dad '

In Netflix's new original series GLOW, Alison Brie plays an actress-turned pro wrestler in the 1980s. The show has a lot of perms, a lot of spandex and its fair share of risqué scenes, which Brie said she made sure to caution her dad about.

"I've warned my dad at length," the Mad Men alum told ET at the red carpet premiere of her new series in Los Angeles on Wednesday. "Then reminded him again, and then [I've] sort of given him a heads up of like, exact [moments], so I'm like, 'When you see this person, you know what's about to happen, maybe fast forward.' So he's warned."

As for warning her new husband, Dave Franco, Brie said she didn't have to worry about it. "Dave's a tough guy," she said. "He's fine."

As tough as her husband may be, it sounds like he's no match for Brie, especially after the extensive wrestling training, workout regimens and fight choreography she's taken on since she started preparing for her role in GLOW.

For more about why Franco better make sure to stay on Brie's good side, head to!

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